Meet Our Parenting Coordinators

Cassandra Pullos

With over 30 years of legal experience, Cassandra knows that not all conflict can be resolved in court. Specializing in alternate dispute resolution techniques, Cassandra guides clients towards self-determined, durable and positive outcomes whilst avoiding the stress and cost that litigation places on both parents and children.


Parenting Coordination Australia is an extension of Cassandra's vision of protecting children from the damage associated with divorce or separation. Through her Parenting Coordination practice, Cassandra promotes positive relationships between parents and children throughout divorce or separation. Cassandra will help clients meet their commitments and court-ordered agreements whilst minimizing conflict and stress.

Founder & Coordinator
Gold Coast

Mediation Courses Undertaken

  • Nationally Accredited Mediator – 2017

  • Mediation and ADR Workshop – Vin-Link and Holding Redlich Lawyers in collaboration with Ian Hanger QC - 2011

  • Mediation 5 Day Workshop – Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies – 2008

  • Mediation Theory and Skills – Leo Cussen Institute and Bond University Dispute Resolution Centre - 2006

  • Mediation Theory and Skills – Bond University Dispute Resolution Centre - 2004

Collaborative Practice Courses Undertaken

  • IACP Forum, Washington DC – 2015

  • 5th Annual IACP Institute – Masterclass in Collaborative Practice with Pauline Tesler – 2015 – Gold Coast Australia and on the organising committee.

  • IACP Leadership Academy, California – 2014

  • Intensive Collaborative Workshop with Victoria Smith – 2014

  • IACP Educational Event with Rita Pollak & Linda Solomon – 2014

  • IACP Forum and Leadership Academy, Vancouver – 2014

  • IACP Forum and Leadership Academy, San Antonio – 2013

  • Advanced Collaborative Workshop with Catherine Connor – 2012

  • IACP Forum, Chicago – 2012

  • Collaborative Law Training Workshop with Dianne Diel – 2011

  • Family Law Pathways: Brief Overview of Collaborative Law – 2011

  • Collaborative Law Training Workshop - Law Institute of Victoria – 2011

  • Collaborative Practice Workshop with Tania Sourdin – 2011

  • Collaborative Law Training with Cathy Gale & Caroline Counsel – 2010

  • Collaborative Family Law: Turning Collaborative Theory into Collaborative Practice - Law Council of Australia – 2010

  • Queensland Collaborative Law Workshop - Queensland Collaborative Law – 2010

  • Collaborative Law Skills Training - Queensland Collaborative Law – 2010

  • Collaborative Law Conference & Training - Collaborating Down Under - 2009

  • Introductory Collaborative Law training with Pauline Tesler – Brisbane (Organising committee & attendee)

  • Advanced Collaborative Law Training – Marion Korn – 2007

  • Basic Collaborative Law Training – Pauline Tesler – 2006 (Seattle Wa.)

Collaborative Practice Training Courses Delivered

  • Interdisciplinary Introductory Collaborative Law Training, Brisbane 2016

  • Interdisciplinary Introductory Collaborative Law Training, Toowoomba and Brisbane 2015

  • Collaborative Law Introductory Training, Brisbane 2013

  • Collaborative Law Introductory Training, Brisbane 2012

  • Collaborative Law Introductory Training, Cairns 2012

  • Collaborative Law Introductory Training, Toowoomba 2012

  • Collaborative Practice Organisational Positions Held

  • Vice-Chair of the newly formed Australian Association of Collaborative Professionals (AACP)– since 2016

  • Chairperson of AACP Training and Standards Committee – since 2016

  • Committee Member of QACP – since 2007

  • Collaborative Practice sub-committee of the Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia – Queensland Representative –  2007 - 2010

  • Founding President of what is now QACP from 2007 to 2011

  • National Centre of Collaborative Practice – Queensland Representative from 2006 to 2010


  • Nationally Accredited Arbitrator (Family law) - 2017

Anne Purcell is a dispute resolution specialist focusing on the psychology of interpersonal communication and conflict. She practices as a mediator, family dispute resolution practitioner (FDRP), communication and family professional in the collaborative law process, a parenting co-ordinator and as an international speaker and trainer.


Dr Purcell holds a PhD in Developmental Psycholinguistics and a Masters of Education, Human Development and Psychology. She did her graduate studies at Harvard University in the US and The University of Queensland in Australia.


Anne’s main areas of expertise are educational psychology, communication patterns, the neuroscience of conflict, and parenting styles and their impact on child development.


Anne has worked with more than a thousand families experiencing divorce, separation and family transition. She has a particular interest in high-conflict matters and non-traditional or alternative family structures. In addition, she works on estate or succession disputes, and intergenerational family conflict. She also assists companies and corporations to reduce workplace conflict and increase productivity.

Anne has trained professionals around the world in alternatives to traditional dispute resolution and litigation processes. Her focus is on healthy children after divorce, and on-going respectful relationships between separated couples, families and colleagues.

Dr. Anne Purcell
Founder & Coordinator

Qualifications & Experience

PhD (UQ), M Ed (Harvard), B Ed St (Hons), Dip T, AACM (TD) FDRP, FRI Ad Med NMAS, TEP


  • Registered with the Federal Attorney General’s Department as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) and able to issue s60I Certificates under the Family Law Act 1975

  • Advanced, Nationally Accredited Mediator (AdMed, NMAS), Resolution Institute  and the Mediator Standards Board (MSB)

  • Fellow of Resolution Institute (FRI)

  • STEP, Full Member (TEP) (the worldwide professional association for those advising families across generations)

  • International trainer (sole faculty member in the southern hemisphere) for the International Association of Collaborative Professionals (IACP)

  • Qualified with Family Transitions to conduct child-inclusive mediations

  • Queensland Collaborative Law Management Committee member

  • Registered Teacher

  • Associate of the Australian Psychological Society

  • Mediation Trainer and Coach for the University of Queensland

  • International and national keynote speaker, seminar presenter and lecturer

  • Consultant mediator and trainer to local, national and multi-national corporations, law firms and government bodies including the Federal Court of Australia and the Queensland Bar Association.


As an experienced lawyer Rachael understands that co-parenting following the breakdown of a relationship isn’t easy, particularly when parties have been through Court proceedings. Trust is at an all-time low, and parties are used to an environment of evidence building, record keeping and point scoring. Even once final parenting orders are made, it is difficult to transition away from a litigation mindset and move forward in a positive way. We know that parental conflict leads to poorer outcomes for children in almost all areas of their life including their ability to develop meaningful relationships, achieve their educational goals and effectively manage their mental health. Yet many parents are not equipped with the skills necessary to make the move from an intimate relationship with their former partner to a co-parenting relationship. Rachael works with parents to help them make this transition, and to develop insight about the impact of their conduct on their children. No one sets out to be a bad parent, or to let their children down. Rachael arms parents with the tools they need to make positive and constructive contributions to their child’s development. Rachael’s parenting coordination practice has a specific focus that includes high conflict matters, drug and alcohol abuse, family violence, international parenting disputes, mental health issues and children with special needs. Rachael has a particular interest and expertise in matters involving autism/Asperger’s and other spectrumal disorders.

Parenting Coordinator

Qualifications & Experience

Lawyer and collaborative professional

LLB (Hons) BCom (Politics)

Member of Family Law Practitioners Association, Queensland Association of Collaborative
Professionals, Association of Family and Conciliation Courts and Parenting Coordination Australia

Parenting Coordinator
Rachael Murray
Kara Best

Kara Best is the Managing Director of Best Wilson Buckley Family Law, one of the largest specialist family law firms in Queensland. She is an Accredited Family Law Specialist and presently chairs the Committee which assesses Family Law Accreditation in the State. She is a former Senior Legal Associate to the Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia, and a nationally accredited Mediator and Arbitrator. She acts as an Independent Children’s Lawyer and is a trained Collaborative practitioner. Kara has a firm belief that communication is at the core of most conflict, and considers parenting coordination to be one of the most powerful ways of making a true difference for separated parents, and importantly, their kids.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Accredited Family Law Specialist

  • Nationally Accredited Mediator

  • Collaborative Law Practitioner

  • Trained Parenting Coordinator


Randal has always focused his family law practice on resolution and has now taken a further step in his goal of assisting parents step back from conflict and focus on the needs of their children by undertaking training as a Parenting Coordinator. Randal has completed the inaugural Australian training program for Parenting Coordination and looks forward to assisting families focus on their children’s future.


Randal has experienced the harm parents and children encounter by being embroiled in the Family Courts in Australia. There are better ways to resolve conflict and move to a cooperative coparenting arrangement after the separation of parents and post court parenting orders or parenting plans. Children are of course our greatest asset and Randal will help you protect your children from the harm conflict inflicts upon them.

Randal Binnie
Parenting Coordinator

Qualifications & Experience

Family Lawyer (Accredited Specialist), Mediator, Parenting Coordinator, and Collaborative Lawyer


  • Trained Parenting Coordinator

  • Nationally Accredited Mediator

  • Queensland Law Society approved mediator and former vice chairperson of the Society’s ADR

  • Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner under the Family Law Act & Regulations

  • Legal Aid Office (Qld) approved chairperson/mediator (since 1992)

  • Queensland Law Society Accredited Family Law Specialist

  • Collaborative Lawyer with both basic and advanced training

  • A Notary Public

Denise Giles
Parenting Coordinator
Gold Coast

Denise has a background in nursing and psychology.

She spent approximately 10 years working in child protection jurisdictions in Queensland and the ACT before becoming an independent Family Report writer and Social Assessor in 2013.

Denise's focus is on providing quality positive outcomes for children and their families. She is passionate about parents resolving their issues in a collaborative process and understands parents dealing with high conflict and the stress this can have on parenting and children. She is also a Director of Scope Family Centre in Nerang which is open for family contact and has professionals from different fields working together to assist families and children. Denise is also a trained facilitator of the reflective parenting course Bringing Up Great Kids, a Child Inclusive Mediator and a Parenting Coordinator trained to the AFCC Guidelines.

Qualifications & Experience

Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology

Child Inclusive Mediator

Parenting Coordination Australia Course Graduate


Jennifer Hetherington is an Accredited Family Law Specialist, a Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Mediator, Collaborative Divorce Lawyer and Parenting Coordinator.


Jennifer believes that ‘Conflict is not Inevitable’ and that every child should have the opportunity of seeing their parents dance together at their wedding. She has worked with many families over her more than 20 year career, helping them transition towards a more positive post separation parenting relationship, despite the challenges that they may present with initially.


Jennifer is a strategic problem solver who believes that parental conflict is a problem that requires the development of a solution rather than being an insurmountable hurdle and that Parenting Coordination is an essential tool in helping parents find those solutions.

Jennifer Hetherington
Parenting Coordinator

Qualifications & Experience

Accredited Family Law Specialist 

Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Accredited Mediator

Parenting Coordinator 

Collaborative Lawyer

Shelby holds a Masters in Law from the University of Sydney, is a Nationally Accredited Mediator, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Conflict Coach, Collaborative Professional, Parenting Coordinator and Doyles 2019 recommended mediator.

Shelby is a training faculty member with the International Association of Collaborative Professionals, a board member of Collaborative Professionals (NSW) Inc and President of Southern Sydney Collaborative Professionals.

Shelby has over 18 years experience as a family lawyer and was an Accredited Family Law Specialist spending much of this at one of Sydney’s most respected Family Law firms.  

Shelby is now an author and presenter in the area of family dispute resolution and interdisciplinary collaborative practice.

Shelby is passionate about doing things differently in the family law space and is determined to get parties, their lawyers and other professionals to look at separation, divorce and the breakdown of families in a more respectful and future focussed way.

With this in mind, Shelby stepped aside from practising law and established a boutique family law dispute resolution practice which specialises in mediation, interdisciplinary collaborative practice, conflict coaching, separation and divorce support and family law wellness workshops.


Her business is called DIVORCE DONE DIFFERENTLY!

Shelby Timmins
Parenting Coordinator

Qualifications & Experience

  • Bachelor of Arts/Law (major in Psychology)

  • Masters in Law

  • Nationally Accredited Mediator

  • Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

  • Collaborative Professional/Coach

  • Parenting Coordinator

  • Doyles 2019 recommended Mediator


Qualifications & Experience

  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Psychology (University of Pretoria, South Africa)

  • Master of Social Work Studies (University of Queensland, Australia)

  • Accredited Social Worker, Member of the Australian Association of Social Workers (MAASW)

  • Mental Health First Aider accreditation (Mental Health First Aid Australia)

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Part 1 (ACT MINDFULLY)

  • ACT and Mindfulness for Trauma (ACT MINDFULLY)

  • ACT for Anxiety and Depression (ACT MINDFULLY)

  • ACT for Psychosis (ACT MINDFULLY)

  • Private counselling and psychotherapy practice working with adults with depression and anxiety, often in the context of protracted high-conflict separation


Mary Louise works with families to help children and parents have safe, positive relationships.

Mary Louise is a Collaborative Family Lawyer, Nationally Accredited Mediator, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Parenting Coordinator.
Mary Louise has been admitted to practice as a Legal Practitioner since 1991 and has worked almost exclusively in Family Law. In 2008, Mary Louise completed Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution training before commencing an internship as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner with Relationships Australia. In 2019, Mary Louise was one of the first in Australia to undertake further training to qualify as a Parenting Coordinator.

Mary Louise holds a Master of Laws Degree in Applied Family Law and lectures and coaches in mediation and dispute resolution to organisations such as Resolution Institute, Relationships Australia, College of Law and in RMIT’s Juris Doctor Program. Mary Louise has been awarded PhD equivalence in Law at RMIT where she lectures in Family Law. Mary Louise also lectures at the College of Law in its Professional Legal Training program.

Mary Louise Hatch
Parenting Coordinator
Sandra Soden
Parenting Coordinator

Qualifications & Experience

  • Bachelor of Laws from the University of Western Sydney

  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice

  • Master of Applied Law (Family Law)

  • Specialist Accreditation in Family Law

  • Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution Practice

  • NSW Law Society Member

  • Member of the Australian Association of Collaborative Professionals


Sandra is an Accredited Specialist in Family Law and has trained as a parenting coordinator with Parenting Coordination Australia in accordance with the AFCC Guidelines. Sandra has also completed training as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner in Collaborative Law.  Sandra is the Director of Soden Legal and Corelate Dispute Resolution.

With Court delays in excess of 2 years, Sandra works with parties to provide solutions outside of the litigation process. She uses a variety of tools, techniques and experience to enable parties to work together whilst focusing on the best interests of their children as the primary goal.  Sandra can assist with substantial issues including residence and contact arrangements for children, as well as other issues including communication breakdowns and other day-to-day issues relating to the ongoing care of the children.

Sheree Anderson
Parenting Coordinator
Sydney & Melbourne

Qualifications & Experience

  • Bachelor of Laws from the University of Western Sydney

  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice

  • Master of Applied Law (Family Law)

  • Specialist Accreditation in Family Law

  • Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution Practice

  • NSW Law Society Member

  • Member of the Australian Association of Collaborative Professionals

Sheree Anderson is a well-rounded conflict resolution practitioner with a breadth of experience and knowledge.

Sheree is trained by Parenting Coordination Australia under the guidelines of the AFCC. She is also a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, National Mediator, non-practicing Lawyer and CPA. After a successful business career in mining and construction, she moved into law and discovering the often-destructive methods of law, particularly the family law litigation practice, shifted into non-adversarial ways of resolving disputes.

Looking to make a difference in what is a difficult time for families when separating, the ADR techniques Sheree uses are mediation, collaborative practice for property settlement and parenting co-ordination. Her objective is to ensure family law disputes are reconciled in an all-inclusive way so that children and families can transition to a new life beyond the conflict.

Sheree is in partnership with Neesha Woodward and their business called is called MEDIATION & COUNSELLING AUSTRALIA (MCA) - Together they are passionate about bringing a holistic approach to family law and separation, so that people move away from destructive conflict behaviours and obtain help for mental health issues.  MCA focuses on the use of relationship counselling, mediation, and parenting coordination.