Meet Our Parenting Coordinators

Cassandra Pullos

With over 30 years of legal experience, Cassandra knows that not all conflict can be resolved in court. Specializing in alternate dispute resolution techniques, Cassandra guides clients towards self-determined, durable and positive outcomes whilst avoiding the stress and cost that litigation places on both parents and children.


Parenting Coordination Australia is an extension of Cassandra's vision of protecting children from the damage associated with divorce or separation. Through her Parenting Coordination practice, Cassandra promotes positive relationships between parents and children throughout divorce or separation. Cassandra will help clients meet their commitments and court-ordered agreements whilst minimizing conflict and stress.

Founder & Coordinator
Our founding coordinators are available to be appointed across Australia and both work with telephone and other electronic appointments such as Zoom, Skype and the like. 

Mediation Courses Undertaken

  • Nationally Accredited Mediator – 2017

  • Mediation and ADR Workshop – Vin-Link and Holding Redlich Lawyers in collaboration with Ian Hanger QC - 2011

  • Mediation 5 Day Workshop – Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies – 2008

  • Mediation Theory and Skills – Leo Cussen Institute and Bond University Dispute Resolution Centre - 2006

  • Mediation Theory and Skills – Bond University Dispute Resolution Centre - 2004

Collaborative Practice Courses Undertaken

  • IACP Forum, Washington DC – 2015

  • 5th Annual IACP Institute – Masterclass in Collaborative Practice with Pauline Tesler – 2015 – Gold Coast Australia and on the organising committee.

  • IACP Leadership Academy, California – 2014

  • Intensive Collaborative Workshop with Victoria Smith – 2014

  • IACP Educational Event with Rita Pollak & Linda Solomon – 2014

  • IACP Forum and Leadership Academy, Vancouver – 2014

  • IACP Forum and Leadership Academy, San Antonio – 2013

  • Advanced Collaborative Workshop with Catherine Connor – 2012

  • IACP Forum, Chicago – 2012

  • Collaborative Law Training Workshop with Dianne Diel – 2011

  • Family Law Pathways: Brief Overview of Collaborative Law – 2011

  • Collaborative Law Training Workshop - Law Institute of Victoria – 2011

  • Collaborative Practice Workshop with Tania Sourdin – 2011

  • Collaborative Law Training with Cathy Gale & Caroline Counsel – 2010

  • Collaborative Family Law: Turning Collaborative Theory into Collaborative Practice - Law Council of Australia – 2010

  • Queensland Collaborative Law Workshop - Queensland Collaborative Law – 2010

  • Collaborative Law Skills Training - Queensland Collaborative Law – 2010

  • Collaborative Law Conference & Training - Collaborating Down Under - 2009

  • Introductory Collaborative Law training with Pauline Tesler – Brisbane (Organising committee & attendee)

  • Advanced Collaborative Law Training – Marion Korn – 2007

  • Basic Collaborative Law Training – Pauline Tesler – 2006 (Seattle Wa.)

Collaborative Practice Training Courses Delivered

  • Interdisciplinary Introductory Collaborative Law Training, Brisbane 2016

  • Interdisciplinary Introductory Collaborative Law Training, Toowoomba and Brisbane 2015

  • Collaborative Law Introductory Training, Brisbane 2013

  • Collaborative Law Introductory Training, Brisbane 2012

  • Collaborative Law Introductory Training, Cairns 2012

  • Collaborative Law Introductory Training, Toowoomba 2012

  • Collaborative Practice Organisational Positions Held

  • Vice-Chair of the newly formed Australian Association of Collaborative Professionals (AACP)– since 2016

  • Chairperson of AACP Training and Standards Committee – since 2016

  • Committee Member of QACP – since 2007

  • Collaborative Practice sub-committee of the Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia – Queensland Representative –  2007 - 2010

  • Founding President of what is now QACP from 2007 to 2011

  • National Centre of Collaborative Practice – Queensland Representative from 2006 to 2010


  • Nationally Accredited Arbitrator (Family law) - 2017

Anne Purcell is a dispute resolution specialist focusing on the psychology of interpersonal communication and conflict. She practices as a mediator, family dispute resolution practitioner (FDRP), communication and family professional in the collaborative law process, a parenting co-ordinator and as an international speaker and trainer.


Dr Purcell holds a PhD in Developmental Psycholinguistics and a Masters of Education, Human Development and Psychology. She did her graduate studies at Harvard University in the US and The University of Queensland in Australia.


Anne’s main areas of expertise are educational psychology, communication patterns, the neuroscience of conflict, and parenting styles and their impact on child development.


Anne has worked with more than a thousand families experiencing divorce, separation and family transition. She has a particular interest in high-conflict matters and non-traditional or alternative family structures. In addition, she works on estate or succession disputes, and intergenerational family conflict. She also assists companies and corporations to reduce workplace conflict and increase productivity.

Anne has trained professionals around the world in alternatives to traditional dispute resolution and litigation processes. Her focus is on healthy children after divorce, and on-going respectful relationships between separated couples, families and colleagues.

Dr. Anne Purcell
Founder & Coordinator
Our founding coordinators are available to be appointed across Australia and both work with telephone and other electronic appointments such as Zoom, Skype and the like. 

Qualifications & Experience

PhD (UQ), M Ed (Harvard), B Ed St (Hons), Dip T, AACM (TD) FDRP, FRI Ad Med NMAS, TEP


  • Registered with the Federal Attorney General’s Department as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) and able to issue s60I Certificates under the Family Law Act 1975

  • Advanced, Nationally Accredited Mediator (AdMed, NMAS), Resolution Institute  and the Mediator Standards Board (MSB)

  • Fellow of Resolution Institute (FRI)

  • STEP, Full Member (TEP) (the worldwide professional association for those advising families across generations)

  • International trainer (sole faculty member in the southern hemisphere) for the International Association of Collaborative Professionals (IACP)

  • Qualified with Family Transitions to conduct child-inclusive mediations

  • Queensland Collaborative Law Management Committee member

  • Registered Teacher

  • Associate of the Australian Psychological Society

  • Mediation Trainer and Coach for the University of Queensland

  • International and national keynote speaker, seminar presenter and lecturer

  • Consultant mediator and trainer to local, national and multi-national corporations, law firms and government bodies including the Federal Court of Australia and the Queensland Bar Association.


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