Parenting Coordinators are professionally trained practitioners who work with parents to implement parenting agreements, adhere to court orders, minimise conflict and protect children. 

About Parenting Coordination

How a Parenting Coordinator Can Help You

Parenting Coordinators (PCs) are professionally trained practitioners who work with separated or divorced parents to help them adhere to court orders and implement parenting agreements. 


Divorce or separation is often a difficult and stressful period for families, sometimes leading to a sense of conflict. Your Parenting Coordinator will work with you to develop effective strategies for dealing with this conflict so that you can uphold court orders and parenting agreements in the long-term, without the stress that daily conflict can bring.


Your Parenting Coordinator will also help you to make co-parenting and education decisions, help you avoid exposing your child to conflict and assist you in protecting a longterm and healthy relationship with your child. Ultimately, Parenting Coordinators approach their role with a strong child focus, ensuring optimal outcomes for your children following family separation.     


Parenting coordination costs are shared equally between the parents and your coordinator is available at short notice to help resolve child-related disputes that may arise between separated parents from time to time.


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Functions of a Parenting Coordinator 
  • Coach parents in post-separation communications strategies, conflict resolution and anger management.

  • Assist parents transition from being ex-partners to co-parents.

  • Meet Court Orders.

  • Mediate on-going disagreements & conflict.

  • Assist parents in building lasting strategy to meet custody and event commitments.

  • Reduce children's exposure to parental conflict.

  • Promote healthy relationships  between children and both parents.

  • Reduce stress for children when transitioning between homes.

  • Facilitate smooth time share.

  • Create a more balanced home environment for children.

  • Help children maintain their sense of security, trust & .self esteem


PCA Courses

Parenting Coordination Australia runs regular training programs designed to give you the knowledge, skill and qualification to begin practicing Parenting Coordination. 

Graduates from the Parenting Coordination Australia program will gain access to Australia's Parenting Coordination professional community, support network and booking portal.


Once you complete our course, you will be a qualified Parenting Coordinator and ready to start accepting referrals.

Becoming a Parenting Coordinator 

Parenting Coordination is an exciting new area of law that's experiencing broad uptake throughout the legal community. Despite being a legal practice, you do not need any prior legal experience to become a Parenting Coordinator. In fact, a diverse range of personal and professional experience encourages budding Coordinators to develop holistic and well-rounded approaches that allow them to assist clients with understanding, respect and empathy.

What fields do our Parenting Coordinators come From?

The Parenting Coordinators who have been certified through us often, but not exclusively come from the following professions;

  • Family Report Writers

  • Psychologists

  • Social Workers

  • Family Lawyers

  • Mediators

  • Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRPs)

  • Independent Children's Lawyers 

  • Police Officers

Upcoming Course Dates

Parenting Coordination Australia runs training and certification programs around Australia and throughout the year.


You can find more information about our next program by seeing our course brochures.

Course Info Sessions




31 July, 2019


At: Mills Oakley -  Level 7, 151 Clarence St



14 October, 2019

At: Mills Oakley – Level 6, 530 Collins Street

Upcoming Course Dates




8 - 10 August, 2019

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17 - 19 October, 2019

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26, 27, 28 March, 2019

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Our Parenting Coordinators

Founding Coordinators
Cassandra Pullos
Gold Coast
Dr. Anne Purcell
PCA Coordinators
Rachael Murray
Jennifer Hetherington
Shelby Timmins
Randal Binnie
Hester Van der Elst
Sandra Soden
Kara Best
Denise Giles
Gold Coast
Mary Louise Hatch
Sheree Anderson
Sydney & Melbourne

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